Four Internet Lies About Women’s Strength Training

You are about to start strength training and you go on social media. Everyone is saying, as a
woman do not even touch a barbell. This cannot be true you think.. How can this be real? It is
not and let’s explain why women need strength training.
Lie 1 – Only Use Exercise Machines
This is a common thought of many women. The exercise machines are designed to work the
muscle “perfect” and safe. Why use free weight? Exercise machines are great for beginners but
as you keep getting stronger free weights are better for you. Machines target a single muscle
and sitting can burn less calories.
There is more than just barbells. Try bands or even bodyweight exercise too. There are so
many ways to exercises, why only use one way?
Lie 2 – Only Use Light Weights
It is important when you first start out to use light weights. We need time to learn how to do each
exercise. However, once you understand how to do exercises, it is time to add weight. If you are
to continue to keep getting stronger, tone, and burn calories, you need to do more than just the
same weight forever. A 10-pound dumbbell will feel light one day. You want to train your body to
move with new exercises and as you get stronger you will want to try new weights. Even if you
only want to “tone”, your body needs to keep building muscle to tone. If you only use the same
weight forever, you cannot keep building the muscle to have the toned look you want.
Lie 3 – You Can Target Areas For Fat Loss
This cannot be farther from the truth. You cannot burn fat in one spot of your body, sorry to say
this but it is true. Exercise helps build strength and not burn fat. If you want to burn fat you
need to watch your diet. Burning fat comes from using more calories throughout the day than
you eat. It really is that easy. That sweet 30-minute abs class can be nice, but you need
nutrition as well.
Lie 4 – It Is More Dangerous Lifting When You Are Old
This is an old lie that keeps to never go away. As you age, you want to keep your muscles
strong so you can continue to keep living a great life. If you want to still be able you walk around
easy or open a jar when needed, being strong is important. You might know of an older person
who has a hard time standing after sitting. This is not something you want. A simple weight
program can help keep the legs and hips strong so you can stand up easier. Being strong when
you only help daily life.
Final Words
It is easy to think that women should not do strength training when you look on social media. If
you follow the wrong people they will use old lies to back up what they want you to believe. Stick
to modern science and remember that women should be strong too. Strength is not only for

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