Things to Do in Lithuania For Intimate Couples

Whether you’re planning to visit Lithuania for the romantic getaway or perhaps you want to find a place to celebrate your honeymoon, there are plenty of things to do in this stunning country. The Handmade region is filled with wonderful loving destinations, and Lithuania is no exception to this secret.

Going to historical lithuanian women sites, taking place adventures in nature or perhaps staying in a whole secluded hideaway are some of the many choices you have when looking for a romantic escape to Lithuania. Several of the best issues you need to do in this amazing Handmade land:

Silpada Museum, Vilnius

If you want for more information on the history of fabricated, there’s simply no better place than this fascinating museum. Here, you’ll be able to see a large number of amber parts that date back a lot more than 70 , 000, 000 years. They also have a special shop where you can buy amber jewelry and souvenirs.

Museum of Genocide Victims, Vilnius

Should you be interested in learning more about the darkest chapters of Lithuanian history, this art gallery is a must-visit. It’s set in a former KGB building, and although it isn’t a light-hearted attraction, it will supply you with a deeper understanding of your country’s past.

Mountain of Werewolves, Curonian Throw

Located on the Curonian Spit, this kooky tourist attraction is worth testing if you have a few spare moments while you’re there. The new great way to invest a little time away from the crowds, and it really feels like you happen to be escaping right into a magical forest. It’s a genuinely unique and fun spot for a add to your list of things to do in Lithuania, and it’s a must for anyone who is travelling with kids!

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